SYLVIA SCHNEIDER und ANDREA TOULOUS /  Singulart, Paris, France



German artist Heike Berl, born in 1976, lives and works in Dresden. She studied painting and graphics at the art academies in Dresden, Bremen and Munich. Between 2004 and 2006, she was a master student of Prof. Elke Hopfe in Dresden. As a guest student of Prof. Andreas von Weizsäcker at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, she discovered paper as her artistic medium. Since that time, Heike Berl has mainly focused on working with paper.


Tones and colors

Hearing and color vision, referred to as synesthesia, is a phenomenon readily found in works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Hans Richter. In her work, Heike Berl establishes her connection to pop, rock and blues music. Band names or sounds in the form of letters are worked into her art in a collage-like manner. Her compositions are expressions of emotions and memories. The colors and shapes appear to capture dynamics, melodies or sounds.


Composing with paper

Heike Berl uses paper like notes and her background like a scale. She tears, glues, collages, folds and paints. The artist creates shapes and surfaces, transitions and boundaries, intensity and tranquility. Then she applies high contrast black-and-white ink drawings or leaves hints at fine pencil lines beneath. Using this method, Heike Berl creates image layers that act like different voices: they overlap, engulf or reinforce each other.


International exhibitions 

Heike Berl hasn't just received numerous awards and residences (lithography prize Art House Foundation Munich 2011, Tidaholm, Sweden, Dresden, Germany), but her work is also thematized in exhibition catalogs and press articles. She can already be proud of first international exhibitions (London, Sweden, Belgium, Brazil). Public collections such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Liège in Belgium have acquired her works.


STEFAN VOGT /  Galerie Adlergasse, Dresden, Germany



In her drawing and objects, Heike Berl investigates papers´ function as a carrier of meaning. By revising materials, she gives plastic objects a tactile presence. Paper thereby functions as a cover or a membrane beetween the inside and the outside. In her largescale drawings, she uses shapes and words which are taken from music, sounds and lyrics. Berl´s method includes hand papermaking, embossing, experimentation and the interlocking of different processes and materials.