Heike Berl


Heike Berl is a visual artist, based in Dresden, Germany. A graduate of the Anhalt University Dessau of Design and the Dresden University of Fine Arts, she explores the idea of poetry and transience in life and nature in her work. Heike Berl received the lithography award of the Munich House of Artists Foundation, a catalog grant and a travel grant of the City of Dresden to Sweden, among others.


Recently, Heike Berl has been able to realize her artistic works on current German contemporary history as well as environmental aspects through project funding from the Steiner Foundation Munich and a work scholarship of the City of Dresden. To complement her visual works, Heike Berl writes poems on the themes of nature, music and art history. 


Editions & artist´s books (selection)



Imagine. IAPMA Bulletin handmade paper cover (in collaboration with Papierwerk Glockenbach), edition: 780 unique pieces in series



Elbe Paper. Papermaking in the River Elbe - Heike Berl & Fides Linien. Handmade paper, shredded money, 148 x 105 cm, unique pieces in series



Nelke V (Heinrich Vogeler 150). Linocut, material print on handmade paper, edition: 6



Weiße Rose - Freiheit. Handmade paper, pulp painting & spraying, folding, letterpress, 160 x 124 cm, edition: 8 (created at Papierwerk Glockenbach, Munich)

Postal Artists Books. (Australia - Germany): Gail Stiffe & Heike Berl: The Year of Covid 19. Artist's book, handmade paper, unique piece &

Heike Berl & Gail Stiffe: Imprint. Artist's book, accordion book, unique piece



Momentum. Accordion book, cardboard, paper, punching, ink, unique piece



Draw hope. Poem by Heike Berl, accordion book, cardboard, paper, folding, punching, ink, edition: 2



WITHout MUSIC LIFE would be a mistake (Friedrich Nietzsche). Accordion book, cardboard, yarn, acrylic, drawing, edition: 2

Flora minima I-III. Paper cuts, passepartout cardboard, acrylic, edition: 11

Radio Olympia (Paint it Black). Objects, handmade paper, pigment, acrylic, edition: 2



Radio Olympia. Objects, handmade paper, ink drawing, edition: 3



Krapplack - Intoxicated. CD, edition: 500 (with Mandy Friedrich)



Kunst Akademie Edition CCL - Absolventen in den Grafischen Werkstätten. Edition of the Graphic Workshops on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the HfBK Dresden (paper, letterpress), 53 x 39 cm, edition: 12



Fußball-Edition. Objects, screenprint on wood, edition: 11



ArtCardGame. Offset print, Verein Konstkortleken, Sweden (published by Kerstin Diedrich)



Hello Darkness. Ceramic plates with type drawings, (published by Kreative Werkstatt Dresden), 4 pieces in series



Rose Ausländer - 12 Gedichte. Calendar, handmade paper, letterpress, edition: 4



Pleinair. Mit Prof. Max Uhlig im Forstbotanischen Garten Tharandt. Exhibition poster, letterpress

Vier Jahreszeiten. Zusammen in Holz/Schnitte. Calendar with artworks by Anke Binnewerg, Mandy Friedrich, Heike Keller (Berl) & Florin Winkler, color woodcut, 20 x 20 cm, edition: 50



Regen. Calendar with artworks by Anke Binnewerg, Jan Brokof, Mandy Friedrich, Daniela Grundmann, Konrad Henker, Heike Keller (Berl) & Florin Winkler, screenprint, 59 x 52 cm

Nordlicht & Kuriosum. Two series, box with 7 screenprints, edition: 7



Suche nach Glück. Calendar with artworks by  Anke Binnewerg & Heike Keller (Berl), letterpress, mixed media paper, 20,6 x 19,8 cm, edition: 11



Heureka. Exihibition poster, Galerie am Ratswall Bitterfeld, color screenprint

Corpus. Ceramic objects, 3 unique pieces in series